• YEAR : 2016
  • LOCATION : Rhodes
  • SIZE : 2970 sqm
  • CLIENT : IRi


IRi (formerly Synovate & Aztec) a consumer market research company and repeat client contacted Insight to help them with planning a new office space as they had out grown their current office tenancy that Insight previously designed in 2009. IRi’s brief required the new space not only to cater to their future staff numbers but reflect their companies re-branding and their growing training and large communal in house meeting functions. They also required the new office to have a vibrant, fun and funky vibe especially to desking areas due to the staff losing city view outlook from their previous tenancy location.


As IRi’s focus was on creating an environment for training and town hall style meetings the planning and design evolved, a spacious and multifunctional breakout was to become the central Hub to the office that had a close connection and views to the reception. The breakout also served as a catering facility to an adjacent large training room. With the installation of an operable wall the 16p training facility could also be opened and doubled as additional space for large staff functions and meetings.


IRi’s new space design was one that not only met future expansion needs but fostered interaction and a global outlook in an a mainly open planned environment.

The reception and waiting lounge with feature ceiling and signage panel highlights the company’s brand and a fresh modern direction. The use of double glazing with decorative film to adjacent servery provides necessary acoustic privacy off the reception but also a connection to the multi use space and access to light and external views.

The Use of 2 operable walls to the breakout allows the large space to be converted and used in numerous ways allowing staff to access the servery at the same time as various meetings that can occur.

To lift the atmosphere to the open plan environment this was achieved via use of IRi’s branding colour palette employed on feature walls to offices, their doors and slatted feature corner screens as well as in the open casual meeting lounge pods in its furniture and vibrant pixelated carpet tiles, providing a stimulating and refreshing break between desking and departments.

The meeting rooms around the buildings core and off reception were also employed as a feature by theming each meeting room after an IRi international office location. To create a unique point of difference with a touch of global flavour and a hint of funky quirkiness, bright large scale wall vinyls of iconic city sights and architecture were installed. Different stylised decorative pendant fittings and table base designs were used in each meeting room as a full door graphic applied to the doors to conjure up an eye catching snap shot of that city or global destination.






2970 sqm