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Insight Projects as a group has had extensive experience in Office Refurbishment in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, as well as all states and territories of Australia & New Zealand.

With our clients relying on us to provide consultant services in Commercial and Office Fitout, we have found that there is generally a link to the base building upgrade and the required Refurbishment. Hence, our team is capable of providing this as a support service.


Our clients have found that upgrading their existing workspace not only involves providing an overall ‘improved feel’ to the building’s interiors, but also improving the service areas and base building items.

We have found that Office Refurbishment in Sydney can include but not be limited to the following specific items:

  • Changes in Business Hierarchy can result in major internal moves within the workspace, and this requires an experienced group such as Insight to manage the Churn Component of the project.
  • Clients sometimes express that their workspace is tired and requires a ‘lift’ to maintain staff moral and this results in the ‘Retrofitting’ of Workstations, Furniture and general Finishes as part of the project.
  • In most of our projects, we at Insight endeavour to maximise the Green and Recycling components of the office design to ensure Green Star and Naber ratings are at least maintained if not enhanced.
  • We are also asked by many of our clients to retrofit and keep up to date the Video Conferencing Facilities in their existing workspaces, and in some cases we have been requested to install Tanberg and Cisco Tele- presence Rooms within existing Refurbished Facilities. Insight has the expertise and knowledge to do this without major disruptions to the client’s operation.
  • Of course, when incentives are provided by landlords to existing tenants (when they renew leases), some of the incentive (through negotiation) results in the allocation of funds to the improvement of the base building including Lift Lobbies, Toilets, general floor lighting, and replacement carpet. Insight can provide Design and Management services for these requirements.

Insight is your ‘One Stop Shop’ for all Office Refurbishments in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


Design is a vital component of any improvement project. When planning an office refurbishment in Melbourne and Brisbane, choose only the finest team in the country. Insight is a trusted name in commercial interior design in Melbourne. With a combined experience of 100 years, we are the best experts to do the work.