DXC Melbourne

  • YEAR : 2013
  • LOCATION : Melbourne
  • SIZE : 3600 sqm
  • CLIENT : DXC LTD Melbourne


DXC LTD is the largest locally owned IT service provider in Australia who appointed Insight Projects to bring there Melbourne business together to form under one roof. Connecting their units together allowed the head office to be more holistic and interactive within the business framework. The organisation involved the relocation of 350 DXC LTD staff into the new facility.


Insight Projects was not only appointed to design projects and Construction Management of the new headquarters but also to help assist with the early stages of a site selection. This process was to ensure that it was the best possible fit for the client and each of the individually run business units.

After reviewing and providing a test fit plan for several buildings as well as having a selection of 360 Collins Street, Insight was able to provide each business unit with a designated office zone this was designed to facilitate their specialised work methods (ABW). The individual spaces have been considered to have their entry points branded, maintaining a unique business and identity for what their services offer and will be formed under the DXC LTD banner.


Seven of DXC’s Business units were collocated into a new dynamic space with 3600m2, these office designs were established over 3 floors with interconnecting stairs. The workplace overall had a predominately open plan design. The original design consisted of a shared receptionist, waiting & meeting rooms, innovation spaces, printing and café breakout facilities shared between all the business units. The project was completed over a 10-month time frame meeting both the programme and budget parameters. Most importantly achieving the brief for their head office as it is a functional and inviting environment.






3600 sqm


DXC LTD Melbourne