• YEAR : 2016
  • LOCATION : Rhodes
  • SIZE : 2970 sqm
  • CLIENT : IRi


IRi (formerly known as Synovate & Aztec) is a consumer market research company. Insight previously designed their offices in 2009, and in 2016, they approached Insight to help them with the Planning of a new office space as a result of outgrowing their existing space. IRi’s brief required the new space to cater for their future staff but also reflect their companies re-branding along with their ever growing training and large communal in-house meeting functions. IRis main requirement for their new space was to focus on a vibrant, fun and funky vibe. This was achieved and had a large impact on the staff and company as it changed the atmosphere making it bold, interesting and creating an uplifting area with colour for all members to enjoy and work in. This space is pleasing to all staff as it makes the space fun and different from their previous office as they lost their city outlook.


IRis focus was creating a functional environment for training and introducing meetings. The planning and design evolved in this spacious multi-functional breakout space became the central hub to the office. This space was designed and well thought out, creating a close connection between two functioning areas. Establishing a balance between the reception and breakout area provides great service as the breakout room was also used as a catering facility when training is in process.

The installation of an operable wall was used efficiently as it allowed the breakout room to transition into an open space, this can then double in size creating more space for large functions and meetings. The new space was designed to not only meet future expansion needs but fostered interaction and a global outlook in and open planned environment. The reception and waiting lounge were designed with a feature ceiling and signage panels. These two features highlight the company’s brand allowing a fresh modern approach. The use of double-glazing film was used in the garden for integrated views. Provides acoustic privacy within the reception space as well as creating a connection to the multi-functional space. This area has been positioned and designed to have access to natural light and external views. The ergonomic requirements were met within the flexible work-space created by using adjustable workstations. Flexibility was also introduced within the space of the hearing room as a variety of seating arrangements were provided. The breakout area was designed to be an open planed space allowing all members to mingle and relax.


The use of colour has been used throughout the space along with the soft timber tones combined with textured fabrics and custom film graphics. Insight Projects link the interior and exterior environments creating a usable space that is light, open and flexible.






2970 sqm