• Category : SERVICE

At Insight Projects, we recognise that the Management of Trades on site is integral in ensuring the project meets the programme and time frame for the Client. Insight’s Construction Management Team is dedicated to maintaining budgets, strictly adhering to construction timetables and always delivering a high-quality product.

Our Team provides the following services as part of the delivery in any project:

  • Issue of Tender documents to all Trades and Suppliers, after careful analysis with our in-house Design Team
  • Management of all the nominated Trades for the Project. We act as a consultant Builder representing the Client
  • Place all contract orders for the works to meet programme and budget
  • Manage all Project Control Meetings
  • Report back to the Client and in-house Project Managers on all Construction phases
  • Liaise & organise with Certifiers and Authorities to secure the necessary approvals prior to and during the project
  • Manage the approved Project Budget and Programme throughout the project
  • Manage the defects of the project and coordinate their rectification
  • Attend site daily to so ensure compliance to programme and design